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Save Lives With Our Help!

Save My Life, Your Life, A Life!

Helping You Think Quickly in Emergency Situations

 Welcome to Project Heartsaver! This is a chronicle of the day-to-day training executed by the United Certified Educators. We use rigorous repetition coupled with an open environment during the training sessions. 

 Our highly trained staff works hard to imbue students with basic academic knowledge and an authentic working grasp of techniques in a practical context. With our expertise, you will surely be prepared in times of emergency. 


We aim to provide our students the proper training on first aid procedures. This is essential and will be useful especially during emergencies. Our mission to save lives has led us to come up with methods of teaching that are tried-and-true.

 Stated plainly, we give our students the ability to think quickly in emergency situations and save lives. We encourage you to join us in our journey and be a part of the team that is dedicated to saving lives.